Anderson Refuses to Disclose Emails on Jailed Rape Victim



For Immediate Release

August 12, 2016

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson is refusing to turn over internal emails about the jailing of a rape victim for 27 days over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

The jailing of a rape victim known as "Jenny" triggered national outrage, and Kim Ogg was the first of many to call for an independent investigation of Anderson and other ‘key personnel’ responsible for the decision.

"The public has a right to know who made the decision to incarcerate a rape victim despite her life-threatening mental health condition. The District Attorney has defended the practice, claiming it was necessary and legal, yet refuses to turn over documents that would show whether that is true or not," says Ogg. "Internal email communications between Anderson, her prosecutors and investigators are likely to reveal facts that show jailing the crime victim was not the only option and that the excuses Anderson has made for her actions are false."

The Harris County District Attorney’s office claims the e-mails must be kept secret because of the lawsuit the rape victim has filed against the county. Ogg believes that the citizens of Harris County will likely end up paying millions of dollars for Anderson’s practices and the harm inflicted on innocent crime victims.

"In thirty years of crime victim’s rights advocacy, I have never seen anyone more brutalized by prosecutors. If Devon Anderson wanted the public to know the truth, she would release the emails immediately."

Justice, Fairness, Safety.  For everyone. Those are my promises.




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