Anderson's Office By The Numbers

Devon Anderson's record speaks for itself. 

Harris County District Clerk 2015 Criminal Data File*

Harris County District Clerk 2016 Criminal Data File*

***These documents were produced by the Harris County District Clerk in response to an Open Records Request for "Documents detailing all misdemeanor and felony charges by crime category."


Anderson panders, but the facts don’t lie:

Animal Cruelty, Human Trafficking, Environmental Crimes, Organized Crime, and White Collar Crime *TOGETHER* totaled less than 1% of the cases filed by her office in both 2015* and 2016.** Sexual assault also accounted for less than 1% of prosecutions in the same time period, and robbery and burglary both hover around 2% each.

In that same time period, 22-24% of the cases filed were drug-related. Over 8% were for misdemeanor marijuana possession – more cases than all of the above categories combined.

Only 122 cases of sexual assault of an adult were filed Jan-Sept 2016. In all of 2015, that number was just 174.

In 2015 and 2016, Anderson’s office filed 3,758 cases against prostitutes, but only 189 cases against their traffickers and pimps. Anderson claims that her office “helps” trafficking victims by arresting them, intervening, then dismissing charges; yet in 2015, only 22% of prostitution charges were dismissed – less than the average for all case types.

Compare-and-contrast.jpg Anderson says that Ethnic Diversity is a top priority for her office. Again, the facts show that even when she says the right thing, she does the wrong things:

67% of Harris County’s population is ethnically represented in only 13% of DA’s office leadership. 87% of Anderson’s leadership team is Caucasian.

19% of Harris County is Black, but only 5% of HCDAO leadership and an astounding 43% of defendants charged in 2015.

Only 3% of leadership is Latino, out of 41% of the county population. The DA’s office does not even bother to track whether defendants are Latino.


Anderson promotes a culture of poor integrity.

Eight prosecutors found or reported to have committed misconduct are still employed without discipline; six of them are in DAO leadership. Anderson's claim that "none of those allegations of misconduct have been upheld by any court" are false.

“The judge said prosecutors with Harris County District Attorney's Office intentionally forced a mistrial because the doctor was going to be found not guilty.”  -- Houston Chronicle, December 4, 2015

"FBI receipts prove Ms. Mickelson's secret approval of payments of $5,000 to her witnesses within hours of the jury's verdict in Mr. Bailey' case," said Lana Gordon. "The Harris County District Attorney's Office appears to have conspired with the FBI to hide payment for witnesses' testimony." -- Houston Chronicle,September 25, 2015

 “In affidavits separately supplied to Carty's current defense team in 2014, the [DEA] agent and two of Carty's co-defendants allege that Harris County prosecutors crossed ethical boundaries and threatened them to ensure Carty's conviction.” - Houston Chronicle, February 13, 2015

"Text messages between a bailiff and a Harris County prosecutor triggered a hearing before a judge and an internal affairs investigation by the Sheriff's Office." -- Click 2 Houston, July 16, 2015

Anderson continues to defend the jailing of innocent victims, demonstrating her belief that securing convictions is more important than helping victims.

Anderson withheld notice of missing evidence in Precinct 4 for six months, allowing the conviction of hundreds of defendants who were entitled to that notice before their case could be disposed. Anderson claims she waited "until she was ready" -- the correct course of action was to notify defendants on any list from Precinct 4 that their case *could* be affected, and release any held pre-trial until the mess was sorted. Instead, she wrongfully held and convicted defendants she knew might have no evidence against them.



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