Animal Cruelty Prosecution



Kim Ogg is nationally recognized for her work in the area of crime victims’ rights. Houston’s animals cannot speak for themselves when abused, and Kim knows that animal crime victims need a strong advocate too.

There are roughly 1.2 million stray dogs and cats in Texas, and Harris County is rife with criminal dogfighting and other animal crimes. Unfortunately, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office files so few Animal Cruelty cases each year that those who intentionally hurt, abuse and neglect animal crime victims have little to fear.

As your next DA, Kim Ogg will establish a reliable, well-publicized report-and-response system for reporting animal abuse and will create a specialized prosecution unit for Animal Crimes.

Start now by reporting animal abuse when you see it. Do not be deterred from reporting by law enforcement who sometimes incorrectly inform citizens that animal cruelty cases are not criminal. They are. As Harris County’s next DA, Kim Ogg will:

  • Establish a countywide animal cruelty reporting system that ensures investigations will take place
  • Link public and private responders with the DA’s Office Animal Welfare Prosecution Unit
  • Create and fund a specialized Animal Welfare Prosecution Unit at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office
  • Identify Animal Welfare cases at the Intake Division of DA’s Office for assignment to the Animal Welfare Unit
  • Aggressively charge and prosecute all individuals who intentionally and knowingly kill, torture, or hurt animals
  • Collect restitution for treatment providers who aid wounded animal victims
  • Create an Animal Crime Advisory Board to help draft animal crime policies and protocol

Speak up for animals and against abuse now by supporting Kim Ogg’s simple plan for a coordinated response to stop animal abuse by treating it as the crime it is.


  • Lisa Wild
    commented 2017-12-08 23:35:41 -0600
    I have not seen that there has been much if any difference in prosecution in animal cruelty/neglect cases. Is this campaign promise still in the works? It is ONE of the reasons I voted for you. Please do not let people get away with abuse and neglect of sentient beings.
    Thank you.
  • Jaime Mercado
    published this page in Platform 2016-08-04 15:54:38 -0500