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Feb. 11, 2020

HOUSTON -- Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg publicly urges Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi to get with the program of keeping residents safe from serious crimes instead of using hate speech and self-defeating rhetoric to inflame the public and raise campaign cash.

Gamaldi’s latest misguided break from partner law enforcement agencies -- and taxpayers -- came in a recent blog post on the HPOU website. Gamaldi’s post seeks contributions from police officers to the union’s political action committee -- while trying to use the district attorney and her staff as scapegoats.

“As your DA, as the former chief of Crime Stoppers of Houston and the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office, as a former front-line prosecutor and as a Houstonian who has felt the sting of discrimination, I consider every first responder a partner in the fight for public safety,” Ogg said. When DA Ogg dismissed dozens of prosecutors soon after taking office, it was because of prosecutorial misconduct, wrongful convictions, and the jailing of a rape victim. She knew there’d be resistance from those who were satisfied with the status quo.

“I ask Mr. Gamaldi to work along with us. Instead, he is trying to raise money and play election-year politics while being paid for working as a police officer,” Ogg stated. “His efforts to undermine the District Attorney’s Office, which is the people’s law firm in criminal court, does not make anyone safer. Evidence-based prosecution is the way to build community trust in law enforcement.”

Gamaldi has planted two opponents of Ogg into this year’s elections; a candidate in the Democratic primary and a candidate in the Republican primary who was an HPOU attorney. Gamaldi’s reckless words harken to a year ago after the now-infamous HPD raid on two innocent victims and their dog at their home on Harding Street, which left all three dead and an investigation revealing police corruption. The only question is how deep and wide it will be. Dirty cops are a cancer on the otherwise healthy body of honest law enforcement officers dedicated to public service.

In this local TV news story about the national backlash against remarks he made soon after the raid, ( https://youtu.be/CtJ56Yuu228 ), Gamaldi is shown saying, “The ones who are out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, well, just know we’ve all got your number, we will be keeping track of all of y’all.”

DA Ogg not only supports HPD and all other law enforcement agencies in the county, but she also supports everyone’s First Amendment right to express themselves.


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