Domestic Abuse Prosecution


Domestic violence is one of the most common motives behind the murder rate in Harris County.  D.A. Ogg adopted a high-risk protocol which is now utilized to identify the most dangerous offenders and victims at greatest risk of violence. The Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) pairs on-scene victim service coordinators with domestic violence victims immediately following the criminal incident with the single goal of interrupting the escalating cycle of harm.



DA Ogg's approach to domestic violence is evidence-based and victim-centric.  By reforming domestic violence prosecution policies to focus on prevention of repeat violence by high-risk offenders, prosecutors routinely seek protective orders and gun surrender by the batterer.

By sending social workers to the scene of violent domestic disputes immediately following the first responders, domestic violence victims in two pilot City of Houston areas now receive on-site counseling and resource referral.  Police now focus on the collection of forensic evidence while direct victim assistance is provided by the DART team members.


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