Environmental Justice



Part of keeping Houston safe is ensuring that public health isn’t compromised by environmental polluters and illegal dumpsites. That’s why DA Ogg has fought for and received additional staff to investigate and prosecute individuals and companies responsible for destroying the quality of our air, land, and water. The criminal prosecution of Arkema and ITC has set the stage for Houston’s fight for a healthy environment and evened the playing field for companies that do comply with state environmental regulations.

Our region can attribute much of our economic strength to the energy industry, and many of us count on that job sector for our livelihoods. That local history does not mean we can allow the destruction of our environment or the endangerment of our families and first responders. Polluters have been fined and sued in Harris County, but criminal indictments against individuals responsible for pollution and the endangerment of our communities has been groundbreaking. DA Ogg has shown a new commitment to protecting our environment.


Courtesy of KRIV FOX 26


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