Gangs and Organized Crime


Kim Ogg literally wrote the book on community efforts to fight gangs. “Texas Gangs: the Legal Handbook,” published in 2000 by the Texas District & County Attorneys Assn., became the gold standard for public officials responsible for developing and implementing anti-gang policies.

Kim’s plan to stop gang crime in Houston is built around the legal strategies she developed while serving as the City of Houston’s first Anti-Gang Task Force Director from 1994 – 1999, years during which gang crime declined by 40%.  Under Kim's leadership, the Harris County District Attorney's Office will employ a special division of prosecutors dedicated to gang prosecution.  They will lead the effort to centralize collection of real-time gang crime reports using technology and use all legal tools available for prosecution of gang members. Through inter-agency collaboration, law enforcement can accurately project gang crime trends based on real-time data. Kim’s gang crime reduction plan is simple: what is predictable is preventable. Because criminal gangs commit a disproportionate number overall crime compared to individual criminals, Kim believes criminal gangs and organized crime are a great threat to public safety. Accordingly, as District Attorney, Kim will prioritize gang prosecution.


  • Jade Menzie
    commented 2019-09-15 11:12:27 -0500
    Very helpful information
  • Paula McGuire
    commented 2018-03-02 14:05:03 -0600
    You are a traitor to America. Punishing the HPD because of some criticism is childish. You are not fit for public office in America. You do not represent any American ideals. Go wallow with your illegals and turn your back on your country. Traitors like you will never succeed. God is watching over the USA and delivered Donald Trump to us, His chosen warrior to lead us and thwart His enemies, like you. The party of killing babies and treason of their country. Karma is coming. You can not escape. Of that I am sure.
  • Yvonne Mendez
    commented 2016-11-12 08:35:18 -0600
    Greetings Kim Ogg, Congratulations!

    Best wishes and many blessings.

    Your work is cut out for you and I’d very much love a bit of your time to explain the following.

    See case number 0717870-16, 0809065-16, 0957945-16, 136261309 see The Houston Police Department Internal affairs division, Brandy with Public integrity 713-274-5911 Woodforest bank, officer’s Roriguez, Harp & Coffeet 713-308-1167, #0302471-16, 1472293-15, 1209982-15 why isn’t the sexual assault included?, 0809022-16, 0429171-16 CVS, DEA and Afton Oaks got involved with this one, 965228601010, 107553601010 twice for the same crime think it’s personal? Not just Harris County and The Houston Police Department. My Cousins have been killed in 1997, 1998, 2003 Carolyn Marie Cervantes, I was in the media for that one, asked crime stoppers to help.

    In 2004 my sister Cynthia Ann Gonzales Razo was killed, vehicular almost a year to the day. Think it’s personal?

    I have much more! I’ve gone to the FBI. So the jailers are allowing criminal activity from county to county? How does central dispatch get in the middle.

    Ask Eliseo Doria an ex probation officer about employee Saldania, ask Frank Ferguson and Freddy Villareal about JoAnn Garcia Partida. The Partida family can tell you what happened to me at Christus Saint Joseph’s Hospital and who was involved. Ruben Saenz is Ray Michael Garcia’s ex best friend. Wonder Why Gilbert Castillo is so combative and fearful. PCP! Not I! Something is wrong with that picture as well.

    Ask Ferguson at the Methodist Hospital, 6720 Bertner Avenue, about the incident report in #0805409-14, maybe Internal affairs needs to clean house. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Agency, The White House administration, The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission. Have all been contacted.

    My truck has been vandalized and they are now tampering with you! Your thing’s. So while at the debate with you and Devon Anderson something happened.

    They seem to know my every move conversations and much more. Who knows about 5150-5155’s. How to place other’s under these holds. I’m not a threat to myself or society. Tjise who have committed thse horrible crimes are threats to themselves and society. If killing is what they must hide they’ll kill and kill again.

    Ask Chris Daniels who came in and placed me under investigation from 1976 to present! Who and why? They claim that Micheal Ramirez Gallegos, Reynaldo Garcia, Jesse Martinez, Lillian Lozano, Jessica Meza, John Hinojosa, Sara Hinojosa DA, Sergio Davilla, Paul Ochoa, John Soto, Ben Mendez and so many other’s in the political field are involved. Why my so called friend’s.

    These are childhood friends. They wouldn’t rape, steal or harm me. THEY DON’T have access to my children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents and family’s. They wouldn’t want me harmed, raped or killed! I grew up at 114 Lenox Street, Houston, Texas 77011.

    The rapist and pedophiles live in Hempstead, Texas 25057 Kerry Street, Hempstead, Texas. 77445.

    Two Rent A Center employees lied to the Hempstead Sheriffs Department and Hempstead Police Department in June -July 2012 Stating that my son made a terroristic threat! That’s a lie! Later a 60 Inch plazma television, books, autographed sports memorabilia, jewelry, cash, phones, sim card’s, sd card’s, pictures, medical records, dvd collection, movie and music collection, furnishings, bedding, clothes, shoes, silver, bronze, Crystal and much more just walked away! That’s burglary, THEFT and criminal trespassing which is a huge felony!

    The gun clip stolen from my truck while my son had it tells you more.

    Stealing from 1075 Redfish, Bayou Vista, Texas 77575 while I was engaged to Michael Ray Sanford, who is Specs General Manager.

    Stealing and breaking the door on Jefferson country club place. Another issue. Michael Ray Sanford repaired the door.

    Hitting my truck at the College airport flea market and stealing my purse had Item’s from Alphonso Cardenas.

    While with Rene Chavez Pulido, I was pregnant with my child Derek Rene Pulido had an elevator fall at St. Luke’s Hospital and I’m not sure what my husband Rene Chavez Pulido did but made sure our son and myself were taken care of.
    A year later we were at Willow Brook mall three white male’s stated fighting I pushed Rene Chavez Pulido and my son Derek Rene Pulido out of harm’s way and was stabbed in between my thigh and buttock. It was Chistmas time the mall was full and we were window shopping due to our apartment being exterminated. My name the was Yvonne Pulido.

    They are either Looking for Yvonne Emilie Lopez Pulido, who seud Accura and won! Rene Chavez Pulido ex #2, David Yanis Torres ex #1, Sabreba Sears Torres, There was a drive by at the home of his mother at 5023 Rusk Street, Houston, Texas. 77023

    Ray Michael Garcia ex #3, married now to Tracy Ann Cavasos Garcia, who called him on our wedding day was his mistress the whole time. Judge Vara married Ray and I.

    Clyde James Laakoskie Sr, ex #4 was jailed and I believe in retaliation he harmed my family, he had help! The restraining order was placed by the State of Texas V. Clyde James Laskoskie 5/31/2012 Injury to a disabled person. Me Yvonne Mendez District 179. They have me named as Yvonne Bonnie Laskoskie on the protective order. Still it didn’t stop he and his family from driving over the speed limit on many occasions and flipping me the bird. I’ve reported to Tiffany Bradshaw and Elton Mathis District attorney’s in Hempstead, Texas. Also Barbara Stafford in Hempstead and many Sheffifs deputies in Hempstead, Texas Waller County.

    Harris County call my son Steve Mendez Torres Sr, and made him leave work to help me move. Katrina Gayles Adult Protective Service’s is aware if many incidents. Jennifer Lynn Barbaree Torres,

    Derek Rene Pulido, Alexis Johnson or me the mother and Ex wife, mother in law, grandmother to these my grandchildren are Sierra Danielle Torres, Steve Mendez Torres Jr, Joseph David Torres, Jayden Alexander Johnson Pulido. Or me Yvonne Mendez aka Torres, Pulido, Garcia, Laskoskie. Who do they want dead now? The commit the crimes on our birthday’s! Why?

    The incident in September 2009 proves these courtesy officer’s know my children and who moved me in and out! Case #136261309 that assault was extremely brutal! How did the young lady in jail hear what happened to me? Find that punk!

    Rene David Rodriguez was killed 9/20/75 – 6/19/95 by police officers in South Houston. Sophia Jaramillo was present and lied to the police. The Jaramillo Klan! I was living in San Antonio, Texas Thousand oaks area!

    They killed Annette Marie Rodriguez Esparza in Richmond Avenue after a fight at a club called Zazz, Who are these freaks? I believe they are the Jaramillo Klan!

    They killed Carolyn Marie Cervantes in Spring Branch some gang member’s invited her to a party! Who are these gangster wannabes, So that together we can place them in front of real G’s!

    They killed my sister Cynthia Ann Gonzales Razo and left her for dead on the property parking lot. Thank officer McCrady hit and run division.

    Mr Vela Shot my uncle Joe Rodriguez and left him for dead on the street on Elmfield off Alemda Road, my grandmother say it happen and so did my cousin Paul Rodriguez, the man who shot him worked at the post office and got away with murder. He’s dead now!

    My Nephew Vincent Lee Gonzales was assaulted just as I was Pepper sprayed so was he and placed in the hospital. His dog Clue killed! Animal cruelty is against the law. He is the eldest child of my dead sister Cynthia Ann Gonzales Razo.

    Several months ago my niece Cynthia Gonzales was assaulted and also pepper spray and attacked. Then jailed. Why? She was at Tailgaters at Fondren and Douglas. Southwest Houston.
    She is the daughter of my dead sister Cynthia Ann Gonzales Razo.

    Patricia Jean Gallagher Mainka Anselmi an elder was robbed. Her friend from Barbara from The Egg and I called me to come help. I have case numbers from HPD and Hartis County sheriff’s department and My accounts have been compromised in this case as well! Her son Nicholas Mainka was jailed and I called the other son Christopher Mainka and also Adult Protective Service’s. I have evidence for you on that case as well. Her TDL#03264613 DOB 6/12/31
    615 Whitewing Lane,
    Houston, Texas 77079
    HPD case number 331331-16D
    HPD case number 101190715C
    They transferred her from one hospital to Bayshore Medical in Pasadena, Texas. What are the odds?

    They have also harmed the physician Gerald Ratinov. He was my Neurologist.
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation Agency should be able to help you in that area. On that case. I know some how all is connected.

    So who’s out to get us? Some healthcare care employee hit me with an extension cord and his best friend is in law enforcement, this happened in Pasadena. Follow the paper trail. Who are their friends?

    My aunt Michelle Rodriguez was shot in the head at 114 Lenox, Houston, Texas 77011 The bullet is still lodged in her body. That was an illegal immigrant. So I fully agree with Donald J. Trump to send these people home.

    But, what about the Laskoskie Klan Bait or Klan bake meeting in Rollings Hills Hempstead, Texas. Why do they fear me. Cause I speak the truth and those who have been raped and tortured at 25057 Kerry Street, Hempstead, Texas 77445 must be dealt with! Apprehended and jailed. Imprisoned. I have incident report numbers.

    The list of victims is long and their stories are heart breaking. They were children and should have been protected!

    I will find the other’s for you! Give me the opportunity to fill in the blanks, research the media files of every incident.

    I want the real crooks, pedophiles, perpetrators, criminals and felons placed where they should be with their own caged and dealt with.

    Micheal Cortez was killed by his girlfriend.

    Some of these criminals are getting preferential treatment and this is not right. What’s wrong with those jailers?

    I Yvonne Mendez aka Torres, Pulido, Gaeliercia, Laskoskie. Will do what I must to help seek out the true criminals and perpetrators. I believe some are in prison and shouldn’t be.

    In 1998 I took off to California and had a slight meltdown. I was reported missing and that wasn’t the case. That I will elaborate on later or in person. I’ll find out who the investigators were on my case. See I’m beginning to take this personal. If there’s an issue it’s not I.

    Specs stores were robved my Uncle Mario Rodriguez & Richard Hyland were pistal whipped at the Bunker Hill store. I was called to help when Micheal Ray Sanford General Manager cleaned house and got rid of a hateful group of women accusing other’s of stealing, such as my family. Which is BS.

    Later my sister’s store Bianca Saltarez was robbed they got in through the roof I’m told I have no idea. Still I’ll go to the Rydman family’s and ask questions. Find out who the investigators were and if they are dirty!

    In between all these disasters my mail has been tampered with. I have proof of change of locks and receipts. They’ve checked my mail and posed as White House administration. Even in and under investigation and full disclosure you must obtain my consent! You know under what code.

    The other’s must be found and I fear I may be next to die. Still I’ll continue to use my big mouth to inform you with accurate information.

    Thank you in advance for your support in these sensitive matter’s!

    RFID Chipping without my permission and concent is a felony! This is a violation of my constitutional rights!

    My Miranda right were never read and or said!

    I called a friend after and he asked me “why I didn’t call?” he’s an HPD officer. Now retired Reynaldo Garcia.

    I spoke to Micheal Ramirez Gallegos and he stated "If I didn’t do something he’d be very upset with me.


    Congratulations, KIM OGG! May god by with you and yours always! May you be lead to stop and take on the harshest and most difficult case’s.

    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Yvonne Mendez (Bondi)
    aka (Torres, Pulido, Garcia, Laskoskie) TDL#13684220 & SS# 453-35-3637
    Permanent Address
    3826 Goulburn Drive,
    Houston, Texas. 77045 Or
    Temporary Address
    6727 Cadillac Street
    Houston, Texas 77021