Justice for Veterans


Kim Ogg believes United States veterans are Harris County's greatest assets. As a result, Ogg's platform includes specialized handling of cases involving veterans, whether as crime victims or as the accused in the Harris County criminal justice system.  Her plan for helping veterans is:

  • Specialized intake of veterans’ criminal cases;
  • Increased capacity of veterans’ criminal cases assigned to the Harris County Veterans' Court Program;
  • Improved collaboration between veteran/VA-related organizations and the District Attorney’s office so that prosecutors and defense attorneys have equal access to the veteran's complete information;
  • Recruitment and appointment of a $1 per year veterans’ volunteer liaison to the DA’s Office on behalf of veterans;
  • Assistance to veterans who have been the victims of violent or property crimes and prosecution of any person or organization who exploit veterans for financial gain.


  • Lance Schenk
    commented 2018-01-24 17:58:15 -0600
    My cousin Corey Raab was a Navy Vet who was murdered in your County last October 2017. You have yet to arrest the man who shot him dead outside Einstein’s Bar. My cousin was shot dead and you have the video verifying he had no weapons and was in no way a threat to a man with a lethal weapon. There is no way this was self defense. Corey was not a black belt or trained killer; he was a retired Navy Vet who was about 5 ft 8 and never a threat to anyone. We demand justice for our loved one who was senselessly murdered in your County. Do the right thing and arrest this murderer and charge him with 1st Degree murder. I am a former Texas social worker who lived in Sugarland and I know Texas us better than this.
    Corey Raab, son of Ron & Robin Raab. Get them the justice their son deserves. What would you do if this were your son Kim?
  • Christopher Jon
    commented 2016-12-16 21:54:07 -0600
    How will you identify who the veterans are?