Crime Victims’ Protocol Press Release


For Immediate Release

July 26, 2016

The treatment of crime victims is personal to Kim Ogg.  Her own mother was abducted by a serial rapist in 1962.  The protection of crime victims has been a career-long pursuit for Ogg both in her law practice and in public service.

Ogg was the first to call for an independent investigation by a special prosecutor into the jailing of a rape victim by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, a decision Anderson says was made by 'key personnel'.  Following Anderson's defense of the decision, Ogg filed her own open records request for e-mails and other records, seeking information about the decision maker(s) in this rape victim's case, along with Anderson's policies and practices and dealing with other crime victims. 

"Anderson says she doesn't want crime victims to think that they will be thrown in jail, yet continues to defend the decision to do exactly that.  She can’t have it both ways," said Ogg.  "This type of heavy-handed prosecution abuse must stop. The decision-makers in the case need to be exposed and held accountable and new policies put in place which align with the Texas Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights."

On Tuesday morning, Kim Ogg will utilize the backdrop of the Harris County Jail to outline her own Crime Victims’ protocol she plans to adopt if elected District Attorney. "This decision reveals a dramatic difference between my vision of justice vs. Anderson's.  This is my opportunity to show constituents from all walks of life that we have a better plan for the treatment of crime victims."  Ogg will be joined by Dr. Harvey Rosenstock, an expert in the psychiatric treatment of children, adolescents and adults, and other victims of crime in front of the Harris County Jail Tuesday morning.

Ogg will discuss her plans for long-term elimination of rape-kit evidence lab backlogs, creation of a new division of trained prosecutors responsible for sex crime investigation and prosecution, and specific policies outlining the treatment of mentally ill crime victims.


Justice, Fairness, Safety.  For everyone. Those are my promises.


Media Contact:713-360-6911

Campaign Contact: 713-961-0521


Pol. Adv. Paid for by Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney, Hon. Jack C. Ogg, Treasurer.

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