Marijuana Prosecution Wastes $10 Million


Under Texas law, District Attorneys have the discretion to determine which criminal cases should be prosecuted criminally and which should not. Ogg believes the residents of Harris County will be better served by redirecting tax dollars toward the prosecution of violent criminals, not the prosecution of misdemeanor marijuana cases. On average, about 12,000 Houstonians are convicted annually of misdemeanor marijuana possession, and the cost to arrest, jail, and prosecute them exceeds $10 million.  

Ogg's marijuana platform reflects common sense drug prosecution policies that mirror the concerns of ordinary citizens who are tired of hearing that the police and prosecutors don’t have the time to investigate and prosecute home burglaries, or the resources to test backlogged rape kits. Ogg's plan is to increase public safety by keeping law enforcement on the street instead of wasting time arresting those in possession of small amounts of marijuana.

“Gangs and organized crime groups are running rampant in Harris County, and I want law enforcement to have the time and money necessary to dismantle those operations. Every time they arrest someone in possession of marijuana, police are off the streets for an average of four hours."  -- Kim Ogg

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  • Martin Reyes
    commented 2017-05-05 11:55:14 -0500
    I believe this is the best decision a Houston District attorney could make regarding small amounts of marijuana possession charges in Houston, Texas. For many years in Houston, Texas Harris County has taken advantage of this antiquated law, and have ruined way too many lives when it comes to job seeking employment in Houston, Texas. Attorney Kim Ogg is the first brave official to shed light on this out of date Texas law which is in desperate need of amending. It has always been a huge mystery to me how these Houston officers, attorneys, Harris County judges can peacefully sleep at night knowing they have ruined the chance for anyone charged with this petty crime to have a fair chance at success in the workplace in the city of Houston, Texas. This has gone on way too long and needs to stop, be changed, and be retroactive for past convictions. It is time for Houston, Texas to move forward and get on board with so many other states to make this law change and finally get with the times to make Houston, Texas the progressive city in Texas and the United States of America it is trying to, and can be if given the chance and right opportunity. Thank you District Attorney Kim Ogg for your future forward view, and professional ethics in letting the rest of the country know that Houston, Texas has an attorney that is at least trying to make things right when it comes to issues like these for the citizens of Houston, Texas, and show the rest of the country it is time to move forward and let go of these petty charges that is ruining so many good lives in this city. It is a message that not only will show the rest of the country that not only is Houston Texas growing in size it is also growing professionally, ethically, morally, fairly, and looks to the future for generations to come.
  • Joan Bunney
    commented 2017-04-26 19:24:14 -0500
    Born in 1945 I’ve enjoyed recreational cannibus for 50+ years. Never once has it negatively affected my well-being, my health, my mothering, my employment (self and other) spanning decades.
    I came upon a video via one of my holistic health gurus, Dr. Mercola.
    The film is called “Chasing the Dragon,” a 2016 documentary about the horrors of drug addiction. The film was produced by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
    I found it disconcerting that every patient descriptor highlighted marijuana: ‘began using marijuana at age__". Rarely was alcohol, that drug’s gate-way capabilities talked about. Just marijuana, over and over always at the top of the list.
    It’s obvious, using our taxpayer’s dollars to produce this drivel, the FBI, under the new administration, is using this video as a means to lead people to believe that cannibus is the top gate-way (drug) that leads to hard-core addiction of pharmaceutical opioids and heroin.

    Thank you Ms Ogg for keeping on top of the discussion. Soon the ignorant 19th century hierarchy will be gone. Oh JoY!

    “Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.”
    ~ Henry David Thoreau
  • Anonymous
    commented 2017-03-05 13:14:10 -0600
    I support your marijuana policies 100%. Don’t let the prejudices and fear of others dissuade you from doing the right thing. I hope your bold efforts will help others to be brave as well. I know there are other prosecutors that feel the same way. I am greatly saddened about the vicious attacks others have made against you. Yet, I have no doubt that in a few years it will be crystal clear who was on the right side of this important issue. Keep up the great work. The people are with you.
  • Stephen Sanders
    commented 2017-03-02 22:42:08 -0600
    Sorry I can’t edit my typos dang word predition,it must have smoked one…. *never heard of any ganja that makes your hair fallout….they should outlaw chemo drugs,shame on u doctors uphold your oath. Watch the truth about cancer Internet document series. Support there FB page…..If not now then when,If not us then who,If not here then where.
  • Stephen Sanders
    commented 2017-03-02 22:25:37 -0600
    Thanks Miss Ogg,for having good foresight into an outdated unjust war against cannabis but the only disagreement is the statement you made about people being young and dumb and making a mistake.I think that can send a negative message about people who use cannabis. D.A.‘s Doctors business professionals,soccer mom’s great dad’s use cannabis here in the great state of Colorado,and here where I live in Fort Collins legitimate patients,babies who use to have 23 grandma seizures a day who bc of cannabis are down to maybe two a day,but sometimes there’s not a lot of money in the cure,sadly. And that could be one reason they waged this war. And Taxians want to belive everything they hear and they’ve been fed this propaganda so long that they believe that’s the roots of the plant extend’s all the way to hell. And one marijauna doobie=equals 23 cigs but yet Colorado is rated the healthiest state in the country. So I guess the government lied about that, and that Shérif what’s his name lickit is still living in the reefer maddays,and frankly probably does want to be educated bc of all the kickbacks his county gets from CCA,and other private prison orgs. But I wonder if CCA could give 24billion to the state of Texas as did the sale of Ganja. GOD’S personal plant.but they keep sending these kids to TDCJ so they can tattoo their face almost grantees they won’t get a good job,or they get raped or extorted come out worse or their mental health detorates which in turn cost the state moremoney. Just the saddest part is its just a plant like a rose bush or ginko or basil but I can cure cancers and that can make the big pharmaceutical companies loose millions on medication that makes your hair fallout and chemo..I never heard of no head making your hair fallout Sheriff what’s urname.oh I already forgot! Must be all that short term memory or I just don’t care..congrats Miss Ogg TX is depending on you to expose the truth.
  • Kimberley Edwards
    commented 2017-03-02 12:34:55 -0600
    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am sorry for bothering you. I really am. But I have to at least try to get to the bottom of my problem. There is a man who is harassing me. He drives a mini hummer red and black with the specialty plates that say SAVEME. To me he resembles former mayoral candidate, Bill King. There are others whom join him that may be city employees. I have a long list of plates ie CNF7539 HDX 1396 DTG 2266 FJR 8998 GLN 2838 HID 3541 DMJ 5871 DNP 5072 HTC 0031 HLK 4198 DCL 1524 BM9B485 HMT 4329 HSM 7700 HTC 0031 DJ5K011 CZV 9580 HZN 4545 FWK 5510 BWH 1256 …and several more that I write down as these people chase me on an almost daily basis. Im trying to see if any of these tags belong to City of Houston employees. A lot of the time, I will see a City of Houston parking van in the line of cars following me.

    I am a registered nurse . I think the man in the hummer is concerned because I believe he was an actor in some possible medicare fraud at a home health company called interim healthcare that i used to work at. I believe he is harassing me because he is desparate and afraid I will report his activities to the Texas Medical Licensing Board or to Medicare.

    Again, sir, I am sorry for bothering you with this. I need some help because these people harass me day and night and soliciting assistance in finding out precisely who these people are and why they are following me is all I know to do right now.

    Thank you,

    Kim Edwards
  • Ieasha Abraham-Leonard
    commented 2017-02-27 11:30:01 -0600
    Thank you Ms. Ogg for making more sense then past Prosecutors put together!! It makes no sense to have someone sit in jail for something so petty. Last night my husband was arrest for having maybe a teaspoon of fake marijuana and got our car towed! He just called me and told me he was coming home from the city jail… Now because an HPD officer was so hot to send him to jail. I have to pay $222.95 to a tow company for having a small bag of FAKE WEED… I am NOT a fan of fake marijuana, or any man made drug, but to arrest someone for something sooo small is beyond stupid and wasteful as well….
  • Christopher Nelson
    commented 2017-01-19 23:25:18 -0600
    “I’ve never felt good about putting marijuana users in the same jail cells as murderers. It’s just not fair, it doesn’t make any sense, and our country is resoundingly against that.”- you said that-

    You Ma’am are a majestic being! Keep doing what you do.
  • Dean Becker
    commented 2016-12-16 23:08:36 -0600
    Christopher Jon, I appreciate any and every attempt to examine our nations drug policy. I have spent the last 15 years doing radio for the Pacifica Radio Network. I have interviewed judges, congressmen, scientists, doctors, prison wardens, foreign leaders, cops, prosecutors, prisoners, patients and providers. I can assure that the rationale for the drug war was and is a scam, a frightening, vicious attack on logic and common sense. When Bayer invented Heroin in 1903 and sold it on the grocers shelf, it sold for the very same price as Bayer Aspirin. Cannabis sold for $1 a pound, imported from India cost $5 a pound. It is the prohibition that causes these drugs once illegal to be sold on the black market that escalates the price of these near worthless plants/products to escalate by thousands and thousand of percent rise. Cling to your belief if you must, but I shall embrace the end of drug war. Your proclivities do not concern me, only your actions count.
  • Christopher Jon
    commented 2016-12-16 22:01:57 -0600
    Because drug users commit crimes, such as burglary, robbery and even murder, to fund their drug addiction.

    Regarding the “platform”, if we start to pick and choose what Federal, State and local laws we want to enforce, where does it stop?
  • Dean Becker
    commented 2016-08-11 11:31:37 -0500
    Those who believe in the drug war appear to be best friends with Satan. These officials and politicians do not care if the drug war empowers our terrorist enemies brave enough to grow the flowers we forbid. Prohibition “experts” do not care if barbarous cartels in Mexico and Central America have butchered well over 100,000 mostly innocents to ensure their product makes it to US cities. Nope these drug war lovers don’t mind that the US now has tens of thousands of violent gangs working to make sure that all US children have easy access to their contaminated and costly drugs. Seems the prohibitionists do not mind if the US leads the world in the incarceration of our own people or that overdose numbers are climbing fast, that shootouts have become daily occurrences all around our nation. One thing is certain, none of the leaders of this drug war can explain, validate or otherwise show why Americas war on drugs has anything close to a benefit capable of offsetting the horrors we inflict on our nation and the whole world by continuing to believe in this wicked, truly evil, deemed eternal, war on drugs.