Ogg Calls for Investigation of Mistreated Rape Victim


For Immediate Release

July 21, 2016

Veteran Crime Victims Advocate Kim Ogg is calling for an independent investigation into the mistreatment of a rape victim by the office of Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

Harris County is now being sued as a result of the decision by the District Attorney’s office to jail the rape victim for 27 excruciating days for simply breaking down on the witness stand during her testimony against a serial rapist. Instead, prosecutors sent her to the county jail. While behind bars, this young crime victim was assaulted, compounding the mental and physical abuse already caused by her assailant.

"In all my years as an attorney I have never seen a more egregious miscarriage of justice for a victim of sexual assault," says Ogg.

Anderson has refused to answer questions but says she fully supports the decision to jail.

"Devon Anderson is showing callous disregard for the trauma of a rape victim, and instead of launching a transparent investigation, she wants you to support this disgraceful judgement."

"It is crystal clear we need a formal independent investigation. The process used by the District Attorney in this victim’s case brutalized her a second time. The victim, her family, and the public deserve the whole truth."

Legal experts say this nightmare could keep other rape victims from coming forward. Taxpayers may ultimately have to pay for this lapse of judgement. Ogg has made safety, fairness, equal justice and transparency the hallmark of her campaign for the District Attorney’s Office.
Equal Justice, Fairness, Safety. In November, Harris County voters can make it happen.





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