Police Testimonials


“I spent 23 years with the Houston Police Department where I helped to fight gangs and gang violence alongside Kim Ogg and then I was the Sheriff of the largest Sheriff's office in Texas and third largest in America. In all my years of working with Kim, I was a first-hand witness to her tireless efforts to help police officers who were on the front lines. She fought for them to have more resources, she fought for more boots on the ground, she fought for better policies and legislation because she knew they were putting their lives in harms way and she worried about them every single day! Kim has always been a strong supporter of the men and women in law-enforcement, those officers and investigators who worked closest with her often described her as a great friend and partner to police officers! Her respect for them is sincere and I know as our District Attorney she will continue to fight alongside our brave law enforcement officers, as they risk their lives to keep our families and children safe!"

    – Adrian Garcia, Former Harris County Sheriff



"Kim has always been a friend and proponent of law enforcement, a fighter against criminal gangs, and a champion of victims’ rights throughout her professional career. Her experience will be invaluable in bringing a new professionalism and transparency to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office."

-- Pasadena Police Officers Union, James Anderson, President

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“I have known Kim Ogg since she was the Director of Harris County Crime Stoppers and found her to be very professional and a strong supporter of good, dedicated, and compassionate police officers. Police Officers who obey the laws they are sworn to uphold. Kim Ogg's opponent would like you to believe otherwise, in order to win re-election and to paint a false picture that Kim is not respected by police officers. There are many police active and retired that hold a great deal of respect for Kim Ogg and her values and ideas. I have spent half of my 35 plus years as a patrolman and the other half at a command level. I have worn both set of boots and I say to all my fellow police officers: don't be taken in by the political rhetoric. We are the world’s best at finding out what the real truth is. Kim Ogg will make an excellent District Attorney. “

– Chief Robert Pruett, Galena Park Police Department (Retired)


 "I’ve known Kim for over 20 years. I was one of the original 10 officers in the Houston Police DWI task force. She prosecuted a lot of our DWI cases. We were always happy when she was assigned to our cases because we knew we had a hard working, ethical prosecutor handling the case. Kim and her family have always worked to help police officers. Vote for honesty and openness. Vote for Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney."

-- Ken Wenzel, Sergeant, U.S. Military Police (Retired,) Sergeant HPD (Retired)

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“I have been with the Houston Police Department for almost 33 years, retiring as a Narcotics Division Lieutenant in 2014. I have known Kim Ogg since 1987 when she was a young Assistant District Attorney and I was a young street officer. I have the fullest respect for her impeccable integrity and compassion for victims of crime. Kim Ogg is a champion of victims and has the fullest respect of law enforcement officers from all agencies. Kim Ogg has my vote!”

– Lieutenant Joe Inocencio, Houston Police Department (Retired)


“I have known Kim on a personal basis for over a decade, and I have known of her for over 20 years as a prosecutor, as director of Crime Stoppers, and as director of the Mayor's Anti-Gang Task Force. I count her as a close, personal friend, and as a retired peace officer, I am honored when she seeks my counsel, as I have also sought her assistance. I know many people in law enforcement, and I have yet to meet anyone that has worked with Kim, that does not have a high opinion of her work ethic, her legal knowledge, her honesty, and her integrity. … She has some great ideas for the District Attorney's Office, from making it more responsive to the citizens it serves, to making it more efficient, to making it a place where attorneys, investigators, and support staff will want to spend a career.”

– Lieutenant Kenneth Miller, Houston Police Department (Retired)


"Police officers who know Kim Ogg know the truth. Kim was a tireless prosecutor who helped us take criminals, violent gang members, and murderers off the streets. As the director of Crime Stoppers she passed vital tips to us that shortened investigations and gave us leads in cases where we'd hit a dead end. As the Mayor's Anti-Gang office director she saw to it that vicious gang members were stopped from taking over our parks and apartment complexes, and that gang graffiti, the visible sign of gang lawlessness, was quickly removed so that our county didn't look like New York, Los Angeles, or Detroit. As a defense attorney, she defended police officers in hearings and in court against unjust allegations- and brought justice to those officers.

Our justice system is based upon prosecution and defense, not only prosecution. The goal is to find justice. A good prosecutor prosecutes. A good defense attorney defends. The best candidate for district attorney will have done both- and that is Kim Ogg."

– John Karshner, Houston Police Department (Retired)


"I have personally known and worked with Kim Ogg for several years. Kim has a heart for the community and is very compassionate when it comes to crime victims. Kim is extremely tenacious in the pursuit of criminals and tough on Crime. Kim is a candidate with real experience with real solutions to the crime that plaques our community! I am proud to call her my friend and will be honored to call her the next District Attorney for Harris County Texas."

- Ken Melancon, Capt. Commander, Harris County Sheriff's Department (Retired)