Transition Announcement


Statement for Immediate Release
December 16, 2016

For the past several weeks, a team of attorneys led by me carefully reviewed the personnel files of all assistant district attorneys employed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office. The objectives upon which I campaigned and which resulted in my election provided the framework for our review process. Accomplishing those objectives will require a new organizational structure, new leadership, and personnel changes.

In service of those objectives, some employees were not invited to return to the HCDAO after January 1. Today staff at the HCDAO were notified of the current progress of the Transition. Current management of the HCDAO asked that initial decisions be made before January 1. These decisions were made with consideration and deliberation before being finalized.

The process of restructuring the office will continue forward with the same in-depth reviews and by a team of skilled professionals. My vision for the District Attorney’s Office will continue to be the standard by which processes, employment decisions, and policies are decided.

"Throughout the campaign, I promised Harris County an evidence-based approach to our criminal justice system,” said DA-Elect Ogg. “This transition process is no different—decisions are being made based on what is best to assure Harris County is a safe and just place for all families. I would like to thank all HCDAO employees for their service to the public."

Kim Ogg
Harris County District Attorney-Elect


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