Victim Needs the Truth


For Immediate Release

July 22, 2016

The District Attorney’s rationale for jailing a rape victim reveals a deeply flawed view of justice—and judgment unworthy of the office of chief criminal lawyer for the people.

The “facts” Devon Anderson claims as the basis of her decision have been called into question by the victim’s attorney. And the DA claims she was protecting the victim. Yet, the victim was placed in the general population of a jail known for violence, neglect and death.

No rape victim ever deserves this fate, and it is deplorable that the District Attorney continues to defend this outrageous decision.

In total, whether Devon Anderson is lying or telling the truth about the official actions taken in this case, it’s clear that Devon Anderson can’t be trusted to enforce victims’ rights.

We need a change.

I will bring criminal justice reform to the District Attorney’s Office, and make sure all victims are treated fairly and with compassion.


Justice, Fairness, Safety.  For everyone. Those are my promises.




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