Houston Chronicle’s Campaign To Unseat Kim Ogg

In the run-up to next month’s primary, the Houston Chronicle has published over two dozen derogatory stories about Kim Ogg. These stories have regularly given Ogg’s adversaries and her opponent a platform to voice their criticisms with the imprimatur of being objective news stories. Their coverage of Ogg dovetails with the its campaign to convince Houstonians that their concern about violent crime is overblown, notwithstanding that in poll after poll Houstonians across every demographic have identified violent crime as their top concern.

This week the Houston Chronicle published its latest article in its campaign to unseat Ogg. It is one of the most biased, misleading stories I have ever seen in the paper. The headline was “Thousands of Houstonians are sent to jail with no legal basis under DA Ogg, judges say.” The story blatantly manipulates statistics, omits critical facts, and includes some outright false statements.

Let’s start with some background, which the Chronicle failed to provide.

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