Public Safety

Public safety is a community responsibility that is most effective when everyone works together toward a common goal of reducing violent crime.


A District Attorney’s duty is to seek the truth in every case, present authentic evidence, and apply the law equally to everyone.


Our criminal legal system depends on the truth and the facts, and we take an oath to uphold these principles.

  • Exonerated 7 individuals including finding of actual innocence on the cases of Alfred Brown, Otis Mallet and Steven Mallet. 
    • Alfred Brown -5/3/2019 
    • Otis Mallet - 7/7/2020 
    • Steven Mallet - 4/15/2021 
    • Lydell Grant - 5/19/21 
    • James Harris - 10/4/2021 
    • Frederick Jeffrey - 11/17/2022 
    • Calvin Reed - 6/27/2023  
  • Continue to hold individuals accountable when the facts and the law dictate we act, regardless of their status
  • Harris County District Attorney's Office leads nation in exonerations


By ensuring a fair process for all, the District Attorney is dedicated to individual justice in every case.

  • Fought to increase the number of prosecutors in the interest of public safety, so that cases can be considered faster
  • Mental health is not a crime, and that’s why we prioritize getting people help when we have the information. We’ve diverted thousands of people to a center with wrap-around services which has led to a reduction in recidivism.

Common Sense

The District Attorney is dedicated to the responsible use of tax dollars by seeking alternative resolutions for low-level offenders and common-sense solutions to social issues instead of jail.

  • Expanded the diversion options in Harris County, keeping tens of thousands of low-level nonviolent out of the criminal legal system.
    • No arrest or record for small amounts of marijuana
    • Multiple diversion programs aimed at juveniles, reducing the number of criminal filings by ⅔ since 2018.
  • Returned millions to crime victims through a revamped restitution program
  • Diverting a majority of juvenile cases away from jail


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