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  • Honored victims advocate recalls her mother's attack

    July 09, 2023 8:26 PM

    Attorney led anti-gang task force, fueled tips with cash rewards

    Houston attorney Kim Ogg has never been a victim of violent crime herself. But as a young girl, a terrifying event foreshadowed her chosen career path — helping the loved ones of victims targeted by violent predators and killers.

    Ogg, 48, was just a small child when her mother was kidnapped at knifepoint from a downtown Houston bank parking lot in 1963. She escaped unharmed from the man's moving car. He would abduct and rape two other women later that day.

    "We didn't talk about it very much," Ogg says of her mother's ordeal 45 years ago. "But as I look back now, I see that affected everything we did in a lot of ways. It had a long-lasting effect, I think, on all of us — but very subtly.

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  • Harris Co. District Attorney Ogg on challenger Sean Teare: 'I have some concerns about his judgment'

    June 27, 2023 11:16 PM

    HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg is running for a third term as the county's top prosecutor.

    She is facing opposition from Sean Teare, one of her former employees. Teare announced his run for the office on ABC13 last month.

    But Ogg said she has unfinished business, and as much as she talks about her team's accomplishment's during her first two terms, there is work to do.

    "Having consistency in policy, in messaging, and in practice is what you want from a district attorney," Ogg told ABC13. "Controversy's just going to come with the job."



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  • An Interview With Kim Ogg

    May 01, 2023 11:29 PM

    Gabriel: How do you think you are handling this job differently than your predecessors?

    Kim Ogg: My 30 years of experience as prosecutor, victim’s rights advocate and defense attorney give me a unique perspective. I understood where the system was unfair and biased, and I immediately started fixing the situation with a common sense approach: It started with a culture change that required dismissing many of the prosecutors who had been unfairly administering justice. We concentrate now on prosecuting predators rather than people charged with low-level, non-violent offenders.

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